Seed Safari

Students will learn about the five methods of seed dispersal. A Mass Audubon Educator will bring the students to a wooded area and discuss how tree seeds are dispersed. The Educator will then take the students to a meadow habitat where they will explore, finding various seeds. Students will then combine their seed collections and through observation, comparison, and experimentation, will determine how the seeds disperse. Students will make notes/drawings in a journal or observation paper.

An optional program add-on could include an indoor seed dispersal problem-solving exercise. Each student will be given an artificial seed. With the use of various materials which will be provided, students will design a disperal method for their seed.

Program Location(s):

Museum of American Bird Art, Canton


2, 3, 4, 5


  • Children - $ 5.00
  • Adults - $ 0.00
  • 1 hour outdoor program; additional cost for indoor component

Curriculum Frameworks:

Science: Life Science: Adaptations of Living Things (3-5)
Science: Life Science: Structures and Functions (3-5)
Eng Lang Arts: Composition: Writing (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Questioning, Listening, and Contributing (PreK-12)

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