Mass Audubon's Strategic Plan 2015–2020

Mass Audubon Strategic Plan 2020


Mass Audubon's Strategic Plan 2020 places special emphasis on connecting our rich history with the possibilities of the future. The Plan validates existing actions, and embraces new ones, that will strengthen and expand our leadership role to effectively advance conservation in Massachusetts. Through our network of wildlife sanctuaries, we will continue to provide places for everyone to connect with the natural world. And, informed by science, we will employ our tested strategies of conservation, education, and advocacy to make Mass Audubon even more relevant, engaging, effective, and sustainable.

Since our founding in 1896, Mass Audubon has joined with partner organizations, scientists, government officials, conservationists, and community activists to protect and maintain the natural heritage of Massachusetts for people and wildlife. We are now increasingly aware of the need to take bold, comprehensive steps to make Massachusetts more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Our Plan therefore articulates the unique role we will play in advancing the understanding of, and response to, this challenge.

Above all, our Strategic Plan focuses on ensuring that the gift of nature is shared with the broadest possible range of people in ways that are the most meaningful to them. Whether it is exploring one of our trails, participating in an educational program, attending a summer camp, becoming a citizen scientist, or advocating for sound environmental policy—there is a place for everyone.

We are inspired by our ambitious Plan that defines three key goals:

  • Connect People and Nature for the Benefit of Both
  • Protect and Care for Land and Habitats of Significance
  • Address the Challenges of Climate Change in Massachusetts

The challenges of conservation can be daunting, but we have established a road map for increasing our reach, expanding partnerships, sharing best practices, and engaging more people in the wonders of nature. We are resolute in our conviction that, together with our members, donors, staff, partners, and volunteers, we will protect the nature of Massachusetts now and for generations to come.

Please join us.