Celebrating Queer Identities at Mass Audubon

Progress Flag at Moose Hill

People of all queer identities are welcome and celebrated at Mass Audubon sanctuaries and programs.

The Pride Progress Flag

Mass Audubon’s values and commitment to create inclusive, safe spaces of belonging for all people extend to LGBTQ+ communities across the state. To honor, celebrate, and let LGBTQ+ people of all backgrounds know they are welcome, Mass Audubon proudly flies the progress pride flag at every staffed wildlife sanctuary throughout the year. Learn more >

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Throughout the month of June, Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries are excited to host events for members of the LGBTQ+ community. A full list of events, including pride walks, game nights, and other ways for queer-identified folks to connect with nature and each other, will be posted each spring. Pride Month at Mass Audubon >

The Use of Pronouns

Mass Audubon encourages all employees, program participants, visitors, and members to use personal pronouns that affirm their gender and requests that other members of the Mass Audubon community respect and honor these pronouns. Learn more about why this practice is important and aligned with Mass Audubon’s values