Diversity & Inclusion at Mass Audubon

Kids at Boston Nature Center

Nature is for everyone. And everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy and protect it. Mass Audubon is committed to giving everyone in Massachusetts a chance to experience nature no matter their age, background, or ability.

Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries across the state welcome the public to find peace in a quiet stroll, marvel at wildlife soaring overhead, or burn off energy in a nature play area. Beyond the sanctuaries, Mass Audubon reaches out to schools and community groups, inviting folks to dig into nature where they live, work, and play. 

We believe that there is strength in diversity, and that by celebrating that diversity and working together, we can do for nature what nature does for us.

Examples of the Work We're Doing

Sensory Friendly Days

In order to continue making nature accessible to all, Mass Audubon created a program series of Sensory Friendly Days at several wildlife sanctuaries throughout Massachusetts.

During these times, people could visit when properties were closed to the general public or tended to be relatively quiet.

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