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Make the Switch

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The nature of Massachusetts will be affected substantially by climate change.

While some of those impacts and response strategies are now evident, there is much that is yet to be learned. Keeping abreast of the new scientific discoveries and tools related to climate change, designing and implementing our own research and monitoring projects, encouraging scientists to use our wildlife sanctuaries, and sharing lessons learned with our partners are appropriate high impact strategies for a science-based organization like Mass Audubon. 

The current and projected future impacts of climate change on nature in Massachusetts are very significant, requiring a thoughtful and comprehensive approach and a sustained effort. Mass Audubon is uniquely suited to demonstrate actions to adapt to climate change. Learn More

Addressing climate change requires an engaged and informed voting public. Mass Audubon has the opportunity to create and support a climate-literate community in Massachusetts. Learn More

Mass Audubon is undertaking a multi-pronged policy approach to address climate change. We assist with drafting legislation, advising state and national panels on energy projects, supporting regulatory reform, and encouraging communities to take action at the local level. Learn More

At Mass Audubon, we’re taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, and we hope to inspire our members and visitors to do the same. We want to do our part to reduce our carbon emissions from fossil fuel consumption in order to help prevent the worst effects of climate change. Learn More

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The Science Behind Climate Change

Current scientific theories behind climate change explain what is happening and what is potentially to come. Learn More

What are the Potential Impacts of Climate Change?

Science consensus confirms that the climate is changing due to human activities. These changes have impacts on our heath and the nature we love and on which we depend. Learn More