Our Conservation Work

For more than 100 years, Mass Audubon has worked to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife. Today we are respected for our land conservation and stewardship, successful advocacy, and innovative approaches to connecting people and nature. 

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Mass Audubon is at the forefront of understanding the ever-changing patterns of bird and other wildlife populations, and what these changes may mean for the nature of Massachusetts. Learn More

Warren Woods

Mass Audubon currently conserves more than 35,000 acres statewide. Our strategy is grounded in the most current, science-based information available and includes resource-based land conservation plans for much of our protected lands. Learn More

Community outreach at Mass Audubon

Community takes on many meanings: locations marked by physical boundaries, groups of like-minded people, partner organizations, and so on. Our outreach work focuses on helping members of different communities to cultivate an understanding of the environment and our interrelationships with the natural world. Learn More

Ecological Management

Ecological Management 

cricket and grass

Mass Audubon manages more than 35,000 acres of wildlife habitat across the state, ranging from barrier beaches to open fields to northern hardwood forests. We regularly inventory and monitor our land and implement management actions to ensure that Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries truly are protecting the nature of Massachusetts. Learn More

Climate Change

Climate Change 

The nature of Massachusetts will be affected substantially by climate change. Mass Audubon is doing its part to research and learn more in order to develop response strategies and share our findings with others. Learn More