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June 30, 2014

Mass Audubon has just released Losing Ground: Planning for Resilience, which documents land use patterns in Massachusetts from 2005-2013 and shows that while development slowed in that period, 13 acres per day were lost and the rate of development is once again picking up as the economy recovers.

For the first time, the challenges of climate change thread through a Losing Ground document, most notably in its call for identification and protection of climate-resilient landscapes.

May 29, 2014

Mass Audubon’s Statewide Volunteer Day Saturday, April 26, attracted an estimated 450 enthusiasts to spring-cleaning projects at 16 of the respected conservation organization’s statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries.

Volunteers showed a commitment to the annual gathering’s theme, “Work for Wildlife,” by clearing trails, removing brush, preparing gardens, and otherwise getting things “shipshape” at the sanctuaries in time for the warm-weather months.



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