Sanctuary Magazine

Summer 2014

The Rise of the South: Climate change and the northward spread of plants and animals

This issue of Sanctuary magazine marks the end of an era.  It is the final edition of Sanctuary’s 34-year 200-issue publication run, and a significant moment in Mass Audubon’s history.  The editor, John Hanson Mitchell, and his staff will now turn their attention to the production of an annual book-length publication that will be sent out to members at the beginning of the year.

I’m pleased and excited to report that the new yearly publication will retain many of the qualities that have made Sanctuary such a cherished institution among Mass Audubon members and supporters, as well as nonmember readers.  The annual book will have the same combination of eloquent and informative writing, beautiful artwork, evocative poetry, and overall singularity.  The magazine’s most popular feature, Outdoor Almanac, will appear in another Mass Audubon publication.

We look forward to seeing John Mitchell’s next publication.  We know it will be very special. 

Henry Tepper, President

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Mass Audubon Sanctuary Magazine Summer 2014
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In This Issue:

Editor's Column

The Mockingbird

by John Hanson Mitchell

President's Message

Issue 200—The Last Sanctuary Magazine

by Henry Tepper, President

New Plants in Town

by Teri Dunn Chase

Earlier Birds

by Joe Choiniere

Siege from the South

by Gayle Goddard-Taylor

Northward Wings

by Michael J. Caduto

Bring on the Butterfish

by Robert Buchsbaum

Addressing Climate Change at Mass Audubon

by Loring Schwarz

Climate Preparedness in the Commonwealth

by Karen Heymann

Sketch from Zone 6b

by Ann Prince

At Our Sanctuaries

by Ann Prince