Nature & Wildlife

In Massachusetts, each season presents new and exciting opportunities to explore and understand our ever-changing landscape and its inhabitants. Here you can find information about commonly encountered wildlife and invasive plants. Want to learn more? Sign up for an upcoming program.

Common Fall & Winter Birds

Common Fall & Winter Birds


Whether you’re briskly pacing across Boston Common or gazing out your kitchen window into a snow-covered suburban backyard, birds can be seen all winter long. Learn more about cold weather birds found in Massachusetts.


Go Birding

Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuaries offer excellent opportunities to see and learn more about the birds of Massachusetts, whether you’re on a naturalist-guided walk or on your own with one of our bird checklists. Learn More

House Finch or Purple Finch?

Male purple finch

Some birds, like the house finch and purple finch, are tricky to ID because they look so similar. Read our tips to learn how to identify some of the most easily-confused birds that are common in Massachusetts. Learn More >