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Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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Our curiosity about the natural world starts early—with questions such as, “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why do birds sing?”

Children’s writer Susan Williams Beckhorn says stories created around such questions—known as why stories—have been around for as long as human beings have. She says kids not only love hearing them, they’re great at creating them.

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Cold stunned sea turtles at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary runs the largest annual cold-stunned sea turtle rescue program in the world. On November 19, the sanctuary set a new record—148 endangered sea turtles rescued in one day. This is the largest number of sea turtles that Wellfleet Bay has processed in a single day in its more than 30 years of rescuing sea turtles. As of November 25, they have rescued or recovered more than 970!