Uninterrupted Connections

June 28–September 8, 2017
Cattails © Kay Kopper
Cattails © Kay Kopper

The newest exhibit at Moose Hill Gallery demonstrates that the fragile beauty of nature is deceptively complex, expressive, and fleeting.

In Uninterrupted Connections, three artists—Kay Kopper, Jennifer Langhammer and Mary Wilkas—use their own distinctive techniques and vision to create an exceptional balance of color, form and imagery. 

Kay Kopper’s botanical watercolors and pencil drawings are created with a deep respect and admiration for all things natural.

Every piece is a record of the beauty of the medium—the color, lights and darks; and the strokes used to portray the subject. Her passion is revealed in her ability to portray each of her pieces with strength, beauty and elegance.

Jennifer Langhammer is a ceramic sculptor whose abstract work is inspired by the fascinating and mysterious relationships in nature.

Ceramic pinecone © Jennifer Langhammer
© Jennifer Langhammer

Her work explores nature’s patterns repeated in different scales by organisms, plants and minerals with diverse materials such as feathers, leaves and bark leading to an exploration of how shapes overlap and fit together.

Mary Wilkas shows a wildflower series in watercolor inspired by the philosophical teachings of Kaji Aso, a Japanese Zen philosopher.

This method uses a meditative and stream of consciousness approach—no form, shape, or line, resulting in light and shadows with overlays of color that required a gradual layering of 30 applications of watercolor, which eventually take on a unique natural expression.

The exhibit will run through September 8, 2017.


Mary Wilkas artwork
© Mary Wilkas

Opening Reception

Tuesday, July 25, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Join us for a very special evening at this free Artists' Reception; the artists will give a brief presentation starting at 6:30 pm.

Contact Information

Please call 781-784-5691 or email moosehill@massaudubon.org for details.