Published on September 12, 2017

After School at Joppa Flats: Feeding Time for Beach Creatures

Hermit crab in touch tank

Our popular live-animal program about hermit crabs, sea stars, and other charismatic marine life comes to Joppa Flats as an after-school program this fall. Have you ever wondered what—and how—all those tide pool animals eat without visible mouths or teeth? Join us on Wednesday afternoons to find out!

Every Wednesday from 4:30–5:30 pm
September 13-October 11

$14 per person

Children ages 7 and up will get a special peek at feeding time in our 110-gallon touch tank! Parents are welcome but not required to stay.

Call 978-462-9998 to register.

  • Please Note: Space around the tank is limited—reservations must be made in advance.

More About This Program

"Help me and the Joppa Flats animal husbandry team after school!" says Lisa Hutchings, School and Youth Education Coordinator at Joppa Flats. "It’s feeding time at our 110-gallon touch tank, and we’ll give you a fascinating look at our critters as they get their ‘dinner.’"

Participants will use a digital hand-held microscope and a video screen to give them a larger-than-life view of the activities—you’ll really get to see the details.

"Together, we’ll identify, sort, and feed a wide variety of crabs and mollusks," adds Hutchings. "You’ll see sand dollars channeling food into their mouths, and green sea urchins wiggling tube feet and spines, and so much more!"