Published on May 10, 2017

Please Support Team Ipswich River in Bird-a-thon 2017!

Bird-a-thon Logo 2017

As a friend of Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, you know of the important education and conservation work we do here. We are looking for your support as we compete in Bird-a-thon 2017

All of the money that our team raises through Bird-a-thon is used by Ipswich River to support our education and conservation programs at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary and our Nature Preschool at Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary.

In addition to Ipswich River, our property staff and volunteers maintain trails and conduct conservation work at eight other North Shore wildlife sanctuaries: Cedar Pond, Eastern Point, Marblehead Neck, Nahant Thicket, Norman’s Woe, Norwood Mills, and Kettle and Straitsmouth islands.

To learn more and to donate to Team Ipswich River or any one of our Team members, please visit the Ipswich River Bird-a-thon Team page.

Thank you! We appreciate your support.

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