Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

Broad-winged Hawks and lesser numbers of other species of hawks continued to move through central Massachusetts this week, along with small numbers of warblers and other songbird species. There still has not been a major cold front to move migrants south however, so hopefully the front scheduled for this weekend will bring plenty of migrant birds along with it. Read more

This week was punctuated by the first major movement of Broad-winged Hawks through central Massachusetts, as well as a modest movement of warblers, especially Connecticut Warblers, in the middle of the week. Read more

The combination of a large tropical storm sitting offshore for several days, combined with continued hot, dry weather has seemingly slowed bird migration down more than usual this week. While seabirds and shorebirds continue to be reported in the expected localities, numbers of shorebirds have been particularly lower than usual for several species. Read more

Now that early September has arrived, the number of migrating hawks will increasingly begin to appear in the skies overhead, although the large hoped for numbers of Broad-winged Hawks will not realistically be reported for another couple weeks. Read more

Increasingly there have been more reports of migrating Common Nighthawks, so observers should definitely be on the lookout in the late afternoon and early evening sky for migrating flocks of this species this week. Also, the number of Tree Swallows gathering at dusk at traditional late summer roosts such as those at Plum Island and the marshes of the upper North River in Pembroke are reaching astronomical proportions right now. Learn more