Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

Migration this week has featured good numbers of southward-bound Double-crested Cormorants, as many as 11 Bald Eagles in a day at Mt. Wachusett on Tuesday, a heavy movement of Northern Saw-whet Owls as reflected by mid-week banding station totals, and a general arrival of Dark-eyed Juncos. Read more

Hawk migration at Mt. Wachusett in Princeton is increasingly dominated by Sharp-shinned Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawks, and Red-tailed Hawks now that most of the Broad-winged Hawks have already moved through. At the same time, coastal migration is being dominated by scoters and other sea ducks, and good numbers of shearwaters and jaegers continue to be seen off Race Point in Provincetown. Read more

Decent numbers of migrating hawks continue to be reported from hawk watching localities like Mt. Wachusett in Princeton and Mt. Watatic in Ashburnham. At the same time the vanguard of migrating scoters is being seen along the coast and good numbers sparrows are showing up in local weed fields and community gardens. Offshore, numbers of shearwaters and jaegers are still being recorded in the Race Point area of Provincetown. Read more

Broad-winged Hawks and lesser numbers of other species of hawks continued to move through central Massachusetts this week, along with small numbers of warblers and other songbird species. There still has not been a major cold front to move migrants south however, so hopefully the front scheduled for this weekend will bring plenty of migrant birds along with it. Read more