Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

In the aftermath of the passage of Hurricane Arthur, there was a fall out of unusual terns, some of which remain at local hotspots like Plum Island. Coupled with influxes of southbound migrant shorebirds, the coast has been hopping. Read More

Following the remarkable sighting of a Fea’s Petrel not far from the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank last week, reports of some other noteworthy pelagic species were obtained this week during a fishing trip near Hydrographer Canyon at the edge of the continental shelf edge south of Nantucket.  Most notable of these sightings were 20 Northern Fulmars, 8 Audubon’s Shearwaters, 2 White-faced Storm-Petrels, a Bridled Tern, and 2 South Polar Skuas.  Closer to Nantucket a Common Murre and an Atlantic Puffin were recorded. Read More

A most remarkable sighting this week was a Fea’s Petrel observed on Wednesday not far from the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank.  This is the first record in New England waters for this relatively scarce and elusive seabird from the eastern North Atlantic Ocean.  Its presence in the inshore waters off New England is inexplicable since most previous records of this species are from the Gulf Stream waters off North Carolina. Read More