Eastern Massachusetts Bird Sightings

Interesting sightings from Rockport this week included the continued presence of a Barrow’s Goldeneye in the vicinity of Plum Cove, a King Eider at Halibut Point, 2 Common Murres and 6 Razorbills at Andrew’s Point, and a Dickcissel near Loblolly Cove. Read More

A report from Gill in western Massachusetts featured a gull thought to be a Yellow-legged Gull from Europe.  The bird has been seen for the past several days at Turner’s Falls, most frequently late in the afternoon at Unity Park. Read More

Unfortunately efforts to relocate the Smith’s Longspur that has been present at Bear Creek Park in Saugus for some time now was not found on a guided search this week. Given the extent of the area it is very possible that the bird is still present in the area however and additional trips are planned to look for the bird. Read More

The most notable report this week came from Bear Creek Park in Saugus where a Smith’s Longspur that was first positively identified several days ago was well observed and photographed again by a number of observers on a guided walk in the sanctuary last Wednesday.  This is only the third Massachusetts occurrence of this arctic-nesting longspur that normally winters in the southern Great Plains.  Also observed at Bear Creek Park were a Bald Eagle, 3 Northern Harriers, a Glaucous Gull, and a mixed flock of Horned Larks, 1-2 Lapland Longspurs, and several Snow Buntings. Read More

Despite the continuing relatively mild January weather, winter bird activity has nonetheless diminished about on schedule for this time of year. A few species however appear to be notably scarce following the extreme conditions last winter.  Perhaps most obvious in this category is the Carolina Wren, a species that was recorded in incredibly low numbers on the recent Christmas Bird Counts. On the other hand, lots of open water and the lack of an extended hard freeze has meant that some of the normally late-arriving waterfowl such as Common Goldeneye and Common Merganser are still not yet present in their expected numbers for this date. Read More