Bird Sightings: The Voice of Audubon

migrating flock © Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon
© Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon

The Voice of Audubon offers regular updates on birds sighted across the state to introduce you to the wide variety of species Massachusetts has to offer.

Below are the most recently published sightings.

Cape Cod

A Pacific loon continues at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown this week.

A Kentucky warbler was found in the Beech Forest in Provincetown on the 1st, along with 2 wood ducks, 2 yellow-bellied sapsuckers, a winter wren, 3 blue-gray gnatcatchers, and a northern parula. Read More

Past Sightings

Eastern Massachusetts

Many of the new arrivals this week are breeders arriving on territory, including Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Chimney Swifts, Eastern Kingbirds, Warbling Vireos, House Wrens, Gray Catbirds, Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles.

Last Saturday an intriguing heron was seen and photographed at Plum Island that appeared to be a hybrid between a Snowy Egret and Tricolored Heron. Read More

Past Sightings

Western Massachusetts

Six upland sandpipers were seen in the Westover Grasslands at the end of West Road in Ludlow.

Two red-headed woodpeckers continue to be reported in Longmeadow.

An American bittern and a marsh wren were found in Lenox. Read more

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