Bird Sightings: The Voice of Audubon

migrating flock © Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon
© Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon

The Voice of Audubon offers regular updates on birds sighted across the state to introduce you to the wide variety of species Massachusetts has to offer.

Below are the most recently published sightings.

Cape Cod

The 33 black skimmers noted this week on Martha’s Vineyard represents a state high count for breeding individuals of this mostly southern species. Birds counted from Race Point in Provincetown this week included many hundreds of Cory’s, great, sooty, and Manx shearwaters, 600 Wilson’s storm-petrels, 2 long-tailed jaegers, 13 parasitic jaegers, 75 least terns, 6 black terns, 1600 roseate terns, 2200 common terns, 2 Arctic terns, 7 Forster’s terns, a peregrine falcon, and 700 tree swallows. Read more

Past Sightings

Eastern Massachusetts

The first reports of migrating Common Nighthawks are beginning to be received, so observers should be on the lookout in the late afternoon and early evening sky for migrating flocks of this species shortly before dusk. Learn more

Past Sightings