Bird Sightings: The Voice of Audubon

migrating flock © Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon
© Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon

The Voice of Audubon offers regular updates on birds sighted across the state to introduce you to the wide variety of species Massachusetts has to offer.

Below are the most recently published sightings.

Cape Cod

A tufted duck was found with 1700 greater and 100 lesser scaup at Salt Pond in Falmouth on the 13th, and the continuing eared grebe at Mashpee Pond was reported on the 10th. Read More

Past Sightings

Eastern Massachusetts

A Townsend’s Warbler that was first located at Marblehead Neck Sanctuary over a week ago was still present today. 

Reports from the Parker River Refuge on Plum Island included 150 Gadwalls, 10 Northern Shovelers, 40 Northern Pintails, 20 Green-winged Teal, a Bald Eagle, a Cooper’s Hawk, 4 Rough-legged Hawks, a Greater Yellowlegs, 6 Snowy Owls, a Barred Owl, a Merlin, a Peregrine Falcon, and 2 Northern Shrikes.  In the Newburyport Harbor area there was a Snow Goose, a Rough-legged Hawk, a Black-headed Gull, and 4 Seaside Sparrows. Read More

Past Sightings

Western Massachusetts

A black-headed gull was found Sunday in Hadley.

A Barrow’s goldeneye, three canvasbacks and a red-necked grebe were seen at Turners Falls. Read More

Past Sightings