Bird Sightings: The Voice of Audubon

migrating flock © Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon
© Richard Johnson, Mass Audubon

The Voice of Audubon offers regular updates on birds sighted across the state to introduce you to the wide variety of species Massachusetts has to offer.

Below are the most recently published sightings.

Cape Cod

A pelagic birding trip off Provincetown on the 17th produced 75 Cory’s, 500 great, 750 sooty and 550 Manx shearwaters, a Leach’s storm-petrel, 3 red-necked phalaropes, 1 pomarine jaeger, 67 parasitic jaegers, 2 long-tailed jaegers, a razorbill, a black-headed gull, 1000 laughing gulls, a black tern, 3000 common and roseate terns, and 4 Forster’s terns. Read more

Past Sightings

Eastern Massachusetts

Broad-winged Hawks and lesser numbers of other species of hawks continued to move through central Massachusetts this week, along with small numbers of warblers and other songbird species. There still has not been a major cold front to move migrants south however, so hopefully the front scheduled for this weekend will bring plenty of migrant birds along with it. Read more

Past Sightings

Western Massachusetts

A white pelican found at the Oxbow in Northampton on Thursday, was also seen in Longmeadow on Sunday. A sedge wren, a dickcissel, and a marsh wren have been reported in the Arcadia meadows of Northampton. Read more

Past Sightings