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Since 1992, birders from around New England have come together every March to attend Mass Audubon’s annual Birders Meeting. With the help of supportive sponsors, we have successfully brought together engaging speakers from around the country, been joined by top-notch vendors, and drawn enthusiastic participants to these daylong events.  

2016 Birders Meeting

Seabirds: Divers and Their Drivers

March 13, 2016

The 24th Annual Birders Meeting will be held on March 13, 2016 at UMass Boston, Boston MA.

The theme of the event is Seabirds: divers and their drivers. Seabirds are diverse in form and function and, from the tropics to the polar waters, they generously occupy all the oceans of the world. Living in seemingly trackless voids for much of their lives, seabirds are an amazing and mysterious group of birds. The 2016 Birders Meeting will address the remarkable characteristics and behaviors of seabirds, the challenges they face in a changing world, and some of the factors that influence their distribution and ecology.

Look for a full day of programs, presentations, vendors, and more. More to follow!