Report a Bird Sighting

Citizen reports from backyards, feeders, highways, and conservation areas across the state are important to Mass Audubon's efforts to learn more about the populations, distributions, and breeding activities of the birds of Massachusetts. You can help us by submitting observations of hummingbirds, owls, Baltimore orioles, American kestrels, eastern whip-poor-wills, cliff swallows, and barn swallows. We are looking for sightings for specific species. Also can contribute all sightings to a general database.


There are eight common owls you may see—or hear—in Massachusetts, though they often go unnoticed because they are active at night. By reporting your owl sightings, you will provide valuable information about the owl population in the state. 


Ruby-throated hummingbirds are tiny and fast and can be difficult to find, but fortunately they just love to visit gardens and hummingbird feeders. If you’ve gotten a visit from a hummingbird recently, we want to know about it. Mass Audubon can use these data to better understand trends in hummingbird population and distribution.

Birds to Watch

As part of our Birds to Watch program we are particularly interested in receiving bird sighting reports of the following species, each showing signs of decline.


Mass Audubon has partnered with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to promote eBird, an online checklist that lets birders record and share their observations, while gathering vital data for our bird conservation programs. Learn more

Focus on Feeders

Our annual weekend backyard bird count. Learn more