Focus on Feeders

Birds at feeder © Chris Steele
Birds at feeder © Chris Steele

We would like to thank more than 1,100 backyard bird-feeding enthusiasts from across Massachusetts who took part in the 2014 Focus on Feeders.

Once again, we received feedback from a great number of backyard birders. 

Along with other conservation tools like our State of the Birds report and Breeding Bird Atlas 2, Focus on Feeders helps raise public awareness and provides information that will help guide us as we move forward in our many exciting new Bird Conservation initiatives.

Highlights from the 2014 Focus on Feeders:

  • This year 87 species were reported.
  • The top five species that were observed in the greatest numbers this year were:
    • 6,609 Dark-eyed Junco
    • 5,600 Mourning Dove
    • 5,065 American Goldfinch
    • 4,684 House Sparrow
    • 4,241 Black-capped Chickadee
  • Black-capped Chickadees were the most frequently reported species.
  • The overall number of birds reported this year was 55,470, down from last year’s 61,000, though we had the same number of participants. This lower number of reports is not cause for concern. There are many reasons why there may be fewer birds at your feeder on a given day, such as the presence of a cat or hawk, or an abundance of natural food sources.

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